Samklef And OAP, Daddy Freeze In A War Of Words On Social Media And Here’s Why

Mr Nixus! January 22, 2018 0

Nigerian Producer Samklef has attacked OAP Daddy Freeze on his Twitter, accusing him of creating fake accounts to preach hate after their Instagram fight over the weekend.

Daddy Freeze shared a picture collage of a mentally unstable man being healed at a Redeemed Christian Church of God service on Instagram with the comment “He must have focused on the rod 🍆for 2 minutes…. – Foolish people.🙄” After which Samklef commented: “It’s getting boring”.

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The OAP then asked Samklef to unfollow him, saying: “My message is not for slaves,”. This led to a small exchange of words between both men, with some of Daddy Freeze’s followers joining in to insult the producer.

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Daddy Freeze was definitely not going to let it end there as he commented just yesterday saying to Samklef “Stop coming to my page to chat bollocks….. -If my message is too advanced for your cognitive ability, unfollow me like most celebs have done…. but if you come here brandishing your ineptitude, I will educate you!”

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Samklef had not replied until this morning when he took the confrontation to Twitter, writing:

Daddy freeze Aka daddy faggot said my career is dead. I laugh 😂😂 Noni. so is that what a yoyo who condemns other men of God is suppose to be teaching? Using fake account to comment and preach hate……brozay go wash ur brain, you be my boi noni.

— SAMKLEF X S K E L E B E (@SAMKLEF) January 22, 2018

Daddy Freeze is yet to reply to the response by Samklef.

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