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Google Earth

Google Earth Pro is a well-known interactive 3D atlas of deseñadopara commercial users.

Google Earth Pro is focused on a professional market, but it has many features that may also be useful for a normal user. For example, its advanced tools allow you to create a cartvery accurate, and also record the process of its creation. In addition, you can import data from the Geographic Information System (GIS) for viewing on Google Earth.

nowadays Google Earth Prolibre; You just need to register for a license.

Google Earth allows you to view the Earthfrom all sides through the combination of satellite photography, aerial photography and Street View. His powerful search engine, much of the information and images available, and his intuitive use make it the best way to discover the world in which they live, but also the sky, the moon, andeven Mars.

Explore the world with Google

Google Earth is a kind of 3D interactivoatlas. You can see how it looks (almost) all over the world. Of the big cities, including national parks and even submarines, so that all the wonders of the world are just accelerated.

If the land is not enough for ityou, you can view the images of the Moon and Mars and navigate among the stars. The Google Earth Search Engine helps you locate the search engines you want to use from an address in a GPS coordinate.

Google Earth provides many layers of queInclúe information about places, such as the border, roads, 3Dbuildings, trees, images and weather. You can also add content to Google Earth as an insult to the places it visited. Google Earth integrates the Street View feature, which is available on Google Maps so that it allows you to wander around several cities.

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In addition to the tacos these features, Google Earth will also allow you to create routes,measure distances, add bookmarks, save images and even fly on a plane with voosimulador.

Traveling with the mouse

Google Earth navigation is very intuitive and everything you need is a mouse or a button on the screen. You can zoom in, rotate and travel easilyaround the earth. Enjoying the virtual looking surfaced street, you can start dragging the icon onto a small street (indicated in blue). The movement is also excellent; Easily scroll with the mouse. The search engine and all other opciónspódese find the name on the left side you can doa little more to enjoy the view.

essential program

Google Earth is a fantastic tool and weirdly observe the Earth and ours in the dark environment. The graphics engine is impressive, as well as the large number of places that can be visited by the details. The texture and the proposed content in different layers is regularupdated. Google Earth is an important program that will lead halfway around the world without saírtuco.

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