Protein Shake: Before or After Workout?

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Most gym visitors dream about looking like a celebrity placed on the cover of Men’s Health or Cosmopolitan. The rippling muscles, flat belly, and a minimum fat pad are the targets set by the daily exhaustive workouts and endless miles of jogging. However, some beginners of the sports trend forget about a fuel required for both muscles and body.

It goes without saying that a body requires nutrients for a regular daily activity and especially when the muscles are exposed to the severe load. A proper nourishment packed with protein and nutrients is a prerequisite to any athletes while the certain sports activities demand an expanded diet. A regular practice is to add a diet supplement such as gainer, protein shake or bar, creatine etc. Some users prefer the meal replacement shakes like SlimFast or 18Shake for their blend of nutrients. Nevertheless, the true athletes would opt for a more sustainable product to feed the muscles.


Muscle Building Blocks

In some web sources, you may read that the muscles need amino acids. A reasonable question is “Why not to add this element to a diet?” To dispel any doubts let’s deepen in the theoretical aspect of the muscular activity. A load applied to the muscles induces a rupture of the muscle microfibers. This rupture causes the expansion and growth of flesh. However, to avoid the return of muscles to the previous size, you have to fill the ruptures with the repairing blocks. The role of these blocks is played by the amino acids.

This string of logic seems to be clear but where is protein in it? It has a major role because the building blocks can be obtained as a result of processing protein. For this reason, the athletes choosing a top-of-the-range source of the major ingredient get the better results in the muscle gain.

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Time of Drinking

During a visit to the gym, everyone may notice some athletes drinking shakes before to start lifting weights and the others prefer to do this after the activities causing sweat. If you ask about a perfect time to use a shake, each representative would assure that his or her time of the shake consumption is optimum for the muscle development. So, whom should you believe?

As lame as it sounds, both options are true but with small changes. Let’s have first things first.

Drinking protein shakes directly before the time when your muscles will contract is not exactly rights because the body needs more time to start producing amino acids. Hence, a proper time to consume a supplement before a workout is two or three hours. Such interval will prepare the required building blocks for the muscles.

The next time for your chosen protein stuff is within a half hour after the muscular activity. A weight lifting process spends a huge amount of energy. Hence, it is required to replenish the energy losses with a first class protein to digest for the generation of the repairing elements for your torn muscle microfibers.

I hope that your doubts regarding a productive muscular activity are gone. A theoretical concept of a regular intake of protein both prior to and subsequent to a workout is successfully implemented in practice. Besides, the production of this essential building ingredient should not be limited to two periods a day. Starting and finishing a day with an amino acids reserve will be a good bonus to the growth of your muscles. Moreover, for these periods a certain protein source named casein is more beneficial due to the low speed of digestion. By the way, the protein intake schedule during the days free of the physical load should be unchanged.


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