How to Overcome a Divorce

Mr Nixus! July 17, 2017 2

Let’s talk about something serious today. No jokes needed when it comes to broken relationships.

Your marriage used to be successful, romantic, passionate, etc. But, with the passage of time some things happened…and they are not a happy end for both of you. Of course, there are plenty examples when couples stay friends or at least feel bearable afterwards, but usually life seems pathetic, tragic and lonely. So how to continue living ever after if your heart has been broken?

We talked to many Russian dating girls who went through a divorce and they have their own ways of dealing with it. Here are several pieces of advice that will supposedly and hopefully lead you to a better fate:

1. Hate is still affection.

Negative emotions are still emotions. The more you hate, the more time you dedicate to a certain person. You are obsessed with an idea of revenge, so the person that is no longer present in your life actually takes part in everyday decisions. You won’t go to the party because you may meet his friends, you skip the meeting because you work at the same place. If this situation seems familiar to you, then you need to learn how to overcome emotions with the negative tone to it. Show some respect for yourself and cure your attitude. What has been done cannot be undone. Trust me, time will fix anything if you’ll let it do so. Instead, substitute your hate with positive impact. Start taking rumba classes, do pottery. It’s not shameful to hop from one hobby to another. You don’t have a crisis, you just want to overcome some hate issues and the things you do will turn out to be successful.

2. Let the life divide you to the end.

People usually make one huge mistake – they still keep the warm place on the couch for the person who left them for better. You can’t figure out all the divorce papers, you answer the phone calls like are trying to get them back. Remember, if a person has betrayed you at least one time, nothing will change their attitude. Don’t mind what has been terribly broken, because it will come out crooked and broken. Hope is a good thing unless your dignity is untouched.

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3. Stop embarrassing people.

Usually divorce brings up one more problem – mutual friends. After a divorce they have to stay with one if you in order not to be two -faced and fake betrayers. So the game starts when one of the couple tries to convince that the other one was a bitch, a jerk and a total douche bag that took the best time of your life. Be true to yourself and think how old you are. Are you mature enough to think that the world actually does not revolve around you two? Do you think that people feel comfortable to pick one side and work as the half -time psychologists? I don’t think so.

4. Don’t press in your kids.

This is the most awful part. Your children might have the biggest trauma, but I suggest you to stay strong and fair. Kids are never in charge if what’s going on and you have to understand that. So don’t you ever dare forbid them see the other parent, shame your husband or wife and pretend to be friends. Not only will you bring the unwanted topic over and over, but you will fail as a parent. Remember, a child’s brain is not capable of processing such information. Don’t create mental illnesses for your child, because her or she might listen to you for now, but the consequences are unsuspected.



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