7 Ways to Concentrate on Your Work

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Are you a freelancer who works independently, lacking discipline? Or maybe you work at the office on different projects and often can’t do something in time just because you don’t know how to manage your time correctly? Or you just can’t make yourself do some work because of laziness and constantly getting distracted? Then this article is for you. We’ll tell you how to make yourself start doing your job and perform your duties more efficiently. Dating a Russian girl, you will have to be productive because these beauties are rather demanding!

1) Set time limits

Without a steady plan, it’s hard to force oneself to work. Therefore, you need to learn how to make plans and stick to them. What approach in planning your working day will suit best? There are two of them.

– Make a plan according to the amount of work you need to do. For example, you must write 3000 words per day, and you can’t start doing something else unless you finish the job.

– Follow a fixed schedule. For example, you work for 4 hours, with three short breaks for 10 minutes each, then you rest for an hour and work for another 1.5 hours. And it doesn’t matter how much you have done during this period of time.

The second approach is much more reasonable and effective than the first one, and here’s why:

Quality of work

If you strive to do the job as quickly as possible, it can negatively affect the quality of your work. If the person’s aim is to perform a certain amount of tasks, then there’s no direct goal to do the job itself. But, anyway, this person unconsciously strives to finish it quickly.

Speed of work

If you don’t set time limits and don’t seek to accomplish something in a certain period time, you do your work with natural speed. At the same time, you preserve the proper quality of this work, in case if you don’t get distracted by anything. It’s possible to say that you perform your duties with cruising speed.

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2) Start with the most difficult tasks

If you have the opportunity to perform your work tasks in any order, then start with ones that require maximum effort. Performing secondary tasks when you’re tired is much easier than performing heavy ones.

3) Don’t get distracted

This is perhaps the most important rule that we can give you. Guided by the first advice, plan a time interval (for example, 3 hours) during which you’ll work with short breaks. Close Skype, social networks, and the browser or use them only for work.

First, you can get carried away by some sudden activity and forget about the work you need to do. Most of us are familiar with this situation: you find a couple of minutes to check the profile on Facebook and read the message, eventually finding yourself distracted by funny pictures or some article.

Secondly, when you’re distracted, the effectiveness of your activity is greatly reduced, because when you return to work, you need to get into it once again.

Make it a rule that you shouldn’t engage in any side activities until the time of work is over or the hour of the break comes. This principle is difficult to follow, but you need to strive for this goal.

4) Keep your working space clean

A clean working space will also clean your head. It’s pretty difficult to gather your thoughts and work behind a table littered with empty cans and such. Clean up your workspace, and not only a physical one but virtual too. Clean up your computer, delete unnecessary files, or place them in folders.

5) Drink less coffee

We know this sounds weird, but getting rid of a habit to drink coffee daily increases work efficiency, strengthens concentration, and allows you to correctly prioritize your tasks.

6) Increase self-discipline

It’s difficult to force yourself to do something if you have poorly developed willpower. The more developed your will is, the easier it is to step over laziness and inaction and control your body’s desires.



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