Trending Dating Apps in 2017

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Trending Dating apps in 2017

Social networks and modern technologies have made our lives simple and convenient. Now we can work from any point of the globe, order food in one click and meet “the person of our dreams” with special application for tablet or smartphone. Recent studies proved that more and more couples (including happily married) found each other online and this fact cannot be discounted. We have collected some great applications that will help you find a pleasant companion or a beloved person:

• Tinder

This application involves the search for a serious, traditional relationship with a long correspondence and courtship. According to the creators of the service, they made happy about 9 million pairs worldwide.
It is, perhaps, the most popular application that helps to find a couple for one-night stands and for the long term relationships. Tinder is as a fun game in which you don’t need to do anything difficult. You just have to sign in through Facebook and to specify the search parameters (age, gender, distance to object) – the application will start scanning the immediate area. The most exciting part is the casting of candidates. You will choose a perfect couple by finger movement. If you like a person – flick right, if you don’t – flick left. As soon as your likes match, there will be on the screen the phrase “you are a couple” and you can chat.

• Badoo

It is also, as Tinder, focused on finding a soul mate or chat for flirting. You can log in by registering on the website or via Facebook. Data and photos from Facebook are also automatically used to fill your profile. It is possible to add a description of your appearance and options of desired partner. After the authorization, you will be offered potential brides and grooms who are nearby.

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• OkCupid

Unlike the first two applications, OkCupid is not affiliated with Facebook and, therefore, no one can know (even if you really want), where you work and who are your friends. It offers you to look for a partner by filling a profile, which obviously determines your position in life. Or, it can be much easier. You can find him or her by geolocation. There is a lovely feature that is called Quickmatch, which displays an extensive gallery of photos with the age and location underneath. The principle is the same as in Tinder: flick left – nothing happens, flick right – people get a well-deserved “like”.


From the first sight, it is impossible to say exactly what is it: an app or a social network like Dating Ladies. Match has a convenient search function by keywords, allows comment and like your favorite persons. Also you can take photos through the app and even read news there. Such setting as “favorite contacts” adds the ability always to keep an eye on the people with whom you communicate most frequently, and such notification as “viewed messages” becomes a nice bonus in this case. Do not forget that Match is a dating app, though it is incredibly similar to Facebook.

• Tastebuds

Tastebuds helps you to meet people who share your preferences in music. The application scans the most often played music by the user and instantly shows people with similar tastes nearby. Users can view appointments, listen to music of their “favorite people” (appropriate for musical interests) and send them instant messages if they have their attention. The app also allows users to share with each other the mixtapes. 48% of Tastebuds users never used dating sites previously, so the site will have a new audience.


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